Secondary Structures

We can deliver the whole chain from mechanical design, structural analysis and thermo-elastic analysis to manufacturing of parts and assembly in our own assembly halls.

Structure Development and MAIT

HPS-RO’s priority is the development of complete structures, comprising every step from design, structural analysis and manufacturing of parts, to assembly and testing.

Lightweight is our competence grown in many years of experience within the aircraft industry. Also, the manufacturing and assembly is backed by our highly experienced technicians, with more than 20 years each in high precision industrial environment.

Various test partners and institutes complement our heritage and facilities.

Secondary and Tertiary Structures

Secondary and tertiary structures complement the satellite’s primary structure, which meets the primary requirement to sustain and assure the spacecraft’s integrity, by supporting the on-board equipment and interfacing with the other subsystems. We can offer the whole chain from design to manufacturing or just manufacturing of secondary and tertiary structures.

Photo: Manufacturing capabilities of our partner’s located in the same building hosting the HPS assembly hall

Photo: Manufacturing capabilities of our partner’s located in the same building hosting the HPS assembly hall

HPS-RO offers cost effective machining of metal parts “built to print”. Depending on the required part, HPS-RO selects its most suitable machining partner from a wide range of potential Romanian subcontractors. Most of them are located in the Bucharest area, one of them just across the street and one other even in the same building that is hosting the HPS assembly halls.

HPS-RO’s role is the control of the manufacturing flow according to space standard needs including penibel checking of material certificates, dimensional control, surface treatments, processes according to new REACH regulations, acceptance documentation, delivery notes, and finally also secured packaging and transport services.

Due to the enormous price dispersion from other countries to Romania, the economic competitiveness of this whole package (manufacturing and control) is simply outstanding in Europe.