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High Performance Structures Inovatie si Dezvoltare S.R.L.

In early 2016, HPS Romania (HPS-RO) has been founded to join the space technology specialists of the European HPS Group to become the third HPS-company after HPS Germany (Munich) and HPS Portugal (Porto). HPS-RO complements the group’s portfolio and capacities with its focus on the development and delivery of innovative, high performance metal (aluminum, titanium, steel, etc.) parts, equipment and assemblies such as Secondary/Tertiary Structures, Functional Structures, MGSE Items, Engineering & Assembly Services. From the very start it has been made sure that all successfully proven procedures especially concerning the areas of development, documentation, and quality assurance have been adopted from the sites in Germany and Portugal and are neatly integrated into all processes at HPS Romania in order to make the crucial difference for all customers by allowing no differences at all.

Under this umbrella, the highly qualified personnel of HPS-RO is fully in charge of the companies vital functions such as project management, system engineering, mechanical design, and structural analysis. All central functions of the company are bundled at the companies premises located directly in the center of Bucharest – only 19 km away from the international airport of Romania ́s capital. The processes of decentralized manufacturing of parts and all tests are coordinated by HPS Romania with their local partner companies and institutes, which the actual assembly is again performed at HPS-RO ́s own facilities in Romania.
First large contracts have already been acquired, like production of a series of MGSE items for the MetImage-Camera Instrument (METOP-SG) and special manufacturing services such as radiator STM-parts for SENTINEL 4 (METEOSAT TG).

HPS-RO has the know-how and the capacities to deliver hardware for:

  • Scientific satellites
  • Telecommunication satellites
  • Launchers from heavy weight lifters to micro- and nano-rockets
  • Re-entry vehicles
  • Planetary missions
  • Ground stations