The members of our core team at HPS-RO represent selected experts of Romanian aerospace and aeronautics engineering – educated at the renowned University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, and with many years of professional experience and training in ESA-relevant industries.

In addition, we benefit from the hands-on experience of our technicians who have now been working in the areas of manufacturing and assembly for more than 20 years. At HPS-RO, like anywhere in the European HPS family, we highly value the combination of a youthful, dynamic spirit with solid technical expertise and profound knowledge.
Our special focus is on innovating and developing high performance equipment and assemblies. In order to multiply our own resources, we also collaborate locally with carefully selected manufacturing partners and institutes for characterization and testing.

We are proud to be pioneers and part of the emerging Romanian Space Sector and, moreover, to be in the position to help this country’s space ambitions become reality by the existence of a rapidly growing new company as member of the strong European HPS group, that, as the central specialist in subsystems, keeps its own exclusive position right in the middle between the many small and the very few large enterprises. Indeed, in Europe’s space world

HPS is the “M” in SME.

Based on this strong position, HPS is not only known for its products and services, but also for the political function of its founder and CEO, Dr.-Ing. Ernst K. Pfeiffer, who acts as the spokesperson on behalf of space SMEs on national level as well as on European scale. Our COO, Mrs. Ing. Astrid Draguleanu, locally leads all operations and financial topics at HPS Romania. She is also well connected with the space agencies and is primary contact person for all sales.

In early 2016, HPS Romania (HPS-RO) has been founded to join the space technology specialists of the European HPS Group. HPS-RO complements the group’s portfolio and capacities with its focus on the development and delivery of innovative, high performance thermal hardware, secondary structures, antenna components, MGSE, purge equipment, engineering and assembly services. From the very start it has been made sure that all successfully proven procedures especially concerning the areas of development, documentation, and quality assurance (EN9100 certified) have been adopted from the site in Germany  and are neatly integrated into all processes at HPS Romania in order to make the crucial difference for all customers by allowing no differences at all.

All central functions of the company are bundled at the companies premises located directly in the center of Bucharest – only 19 km away from the international airport Henri Coandă (OTP, Otopeni) of Romania’s capital. Under this umbrella, the highly qualified personnel of HPS-RO is fully in charge of the companies vital functions such as project management, system engineering, mechanical design, structural analysis, assembly and integration support. Two own assembly halls, including a clean tent, serve for all activities bringing together the different parts and making functional tests.  The processes of decentralized manufacturing of parts and all tests are coordinated by HPS Romania with their local partner companies and institutes.

We deliver hardware for:

  • Earth Observation Satellites
  • Scientific Satellites
  • Telecommunication Satellites
  • Launchers
  • Re-entry Vehicles
  • Planetary and Lunar Missions
  • Ground Stations.