MGSE - Mechanical Ground Support Equipment

Biomass AIT Stand

The Biomass Vertical Stand is a re-usable MGSE system, designed to ensure the safe support, orientation and handling of the fully equipped Biomass spacecraft through all the different build stages.

Biomass Vertical Stand CAD Model
Biomass Vertical Stand delivered MGSE

ENEO Yoke Integration Table and Slide Unit

HPS-RO was tasked with the development of multiple MGSEs for the ENeo Solar Array mission.

Yoke Integration Table

The Yoke Integration Table is a two-part support system designed for the mounting of all the mechanical components and the wiring of the yoke, and then to position it into the deployment ring for integration.

ENEO YOKE Integration Table

Extended Slide Unit

The Extended Slide Unit is used as part of the deployment ring, to increase the lateral path the air bearings can travel, with the possibility to adjust the inclination of the path.

ENEO Extended Slide Unit

Multiple MGSE for METImage

HPS-RO has contributed to the METImage space mission with a series of MGSE of various purposes: instrument lifting devices, multi-purpose adaptor plates, vertical integration stands, turning devices and mass dummies.

Instrument Lifting Device (ILD)

The Instrument Lifting Device (ILD) provides a hoisting constellation for the optical instrument of the METImage mission, coping with the different mass distribution scenarios during assembly while also providing the necessary clearance.

METImage Instrument Lifting Device CAD Model
METImage Instrument Lifting Device manufactured assembly with mass dummy

Multi-Purpose Adapter (MPA)

The Multi-Purpose Adapter (MPA) provides a stiff and accurate interface to which the METimage optical instrument can be mounted for testing, handling and storage and is also used during the whole integration sequence. It was fully developed by HPS-RO.

METImage MPA CAD Model
METImage MPA manufactured assembly

Vertical Integration Stand (VIS)

The Vertical Integration Stand (VIS) provides a stable and mobile platform during the acoustic noise tests, functional tests and mechanical integration of the METImage optical instrument.

METImage Vertical Integration Stand CAD Model
METImage Vertical Integration Stand manufactured assembly with Multi-Purpose Adapter

HPS-RO in collaboration with HPS-D developed multiple turning devices for the METImage optical instrument: the Instrument Alignment Trolley and Instrument Thermal Trolley

Instrument Alignment Trolley (IAT)

The Instrument Alignment Trolley (IAT) is used during the alignment, stimulation and integration activities of the METImage optical instrument in an ISO 5 cleanroom.


METImage Instrument Alignment Trolley assembly

Instrument Thermal Trolley (ITT)

The Instrument Thermal Trolley (ITT) is a high stiffness system capable of tri-axial rotation of the METImage optical instrument with high precision during the thermal testing phase inside the thermal chamber.


METImage Instrument Thermal Trolley assembly

Instrument Mass Dummy

For the purposes of validating the various MGSE, HPS-RO also designed and manufactured an Instrument Mass Dummy. It was made to simulate the volume, weight and mass distribution of the METImage optical instrument at different stages of the integration phase. 

METImage Instrument Mass Dummy assembly during the ILD functional tests