MGSE-Mechanical Ground Support Equipment

HPS-RO delivers various kinds of MGSE for space missions or instruments

The company can sign responsibility for the whole chain from design and analysis through manufacturing of parts and assembly in the own assembly halls.

Lifting and Hoisting Devices

Instrument Lifting Devices provide a hoisting constellation for satellites and instruments and a direct interface to other MGSE items. The Instrument Lifting Device for e.g. optical instruments copes with different mass distribution scenarios and provides enough clearance to the dedicated instrument in all configurations.

Turning Devices

Providing high stiffness and maneuverability, Turning Devices represent high precision MGSE that are used for calibration and testing
for e.g. a sensitive optical instrument. In addition, the Turning Device developed by HPS is a highly clean MGSE item, meeting vacuum chamber testing requirements.

Multi-Purpose Adapters

Multi-Purpose Adapters provide a stiff and accurate interface for testing, handling and storage of instruments or spacecraft. The
Multi-Purpose Adapter fully developed by HPS-RO represents the interface to the spacecraft for the whole set of tests and alignment activities of an optical instrument.

Vertical Integration Stands

Vertical Integration Stands provide a stable, adjustable and mobile platform for many assembly, integration and testing purposes.
The Vertical integration Stand, fully developed by HPS-RO will be used as a vertical support during acoustic noise tests, functional tests, alignment measurements and for mechanical integration of the optical instrument.

Instrument Mass Dummies

The Instrument Mass Dummy simulates the volume, mass and mass distribution (Center of Gravity) of the instrument during various tests. In addition, instrument mass dummies are used to validate the performance of the assembled MGSEs.

Transport Containers

Used for transportation and protection of instruments or spacecraft against the transport environment (thermal loads, mechanical loads and contamination).