Leading Engineering Portuguese FREZITE Group is Building up its Activity on the fast Rising Space Market.
April 2018

Effective 20th of April 2018 the European HPS‐Group hands over its subsidiary “High Performance Structures Gestão e Engenharia, Lda” (HPS Lda), Porto, to the leading Portuguese technology‐group “FREZITE”. The German “High Performance Space Structure Systems
GmbH” (HPS GmbH) had founded HPS Lda back in 2007 and developed it to one of Europe´s first class addresses especially in the field of tailor‐made insulations (MLI, Multilayer Insulation) for satellites and instruments.


Integration and Tests at IABG: Two Huge HPS Spaceprojects Hitting the Home Stretch
March 2018

Inside the facilities of Europe´s highly renowned IABG-space testcenter in Munich these weeks in March 2018 the logo of HPS is almost everywhere.  With HPS Germany and HPS Portugal two out of three sites of the European specialist for space subsystems are running simultaneously integration and testing campaigns to qualify their contributions for two major European space projects: the EUCLID mission and the  strategicly important development of an extremely precise large antenna reflector made in Europe.

New Project
January 2018

Innovative Bonding Technologies for High Temperature Applications (InBond)

An ESA Technology Program for Romania, aiming at the developing advanced bonding procedures allowing for larger application temperature ranges than currently qualified available in Europe, with an emphasis on the cold end of these intervals. A secondary goal of the project is the conception, development and demonstration of an “In-situ Bonding Kit”.

New Project
July 2017

Improved Technologies for In-Orbit High Geometrical Accuracy and Low Mass Antenna Reflector (ITAR)

A Nationally funded activity (STAR-Program) for the development of an antenna reflector made out of a single block of titanium alloy, with innovative manufacturing processes and associated innovative design.

HPS-RO in subcontract responsible for requirement definition, design, analysis and test evaluation.

New Project
June 2017
Development and demonstration of high performance Thermal Straps with enhanced conductivity for space applications (H-PERTS)

An ESA Technology Program for Romania for the development of high temperature, high efficiency thermal straps, in which HPS-RO will investigate and test a series of materials which will lead to a demonstrator that will be tested in conditions similar to space environment.

Opening of the industrial facilities
February 2017

The 400 sqm industrial assembly facilities are located right across the street from the office in Bucharest. The ground floor and the upper floor were named after the Cassiopeia and Perseus constellations. The two hold vicinity on the night sky map as well….

Contract MGSE for MetImage
July 2016

We are happy to announce that the first contract for MGSE has already been acquired and the project in collaboration with Airbus Germany is under development. We are currently working on a mechanical ground support equipment project for an instrument for the MetOP mission, MetImage. We develop, coordinate the manufacturing  and further on assembly and perform functional tests for MGSE items, such as vertical integration stands, multipurpose adapters, instrument mass dummies, turning and hoisting devices….


Foundation of HPS-RO

May 2016

Even before the end of a strong year 2015 the top-management at the headquarters of the European HPS-group in Munich, Germany, had set the course towards expansion; it took just a few months until on May 3rd, 2016, the Romanian subsidiary „High Performance Structures Inovatie si Dezvoltare S.R.L. (HPS – RO)“ opened its gates as the third member of the HPS-Group.  Owner of HPS-RO is the German High Performance Space Structure Systems GmbH (HPS-D), whose main shareholder, Dr. Ernst K. Pfeiffer, is also the founder and CEO of all company members of the group. In addition, further managers, employees as well as strategic investors hold shares in the German and Portugese HPS companies.