Space strategy

Based on the international scope of the HPS space business as well as on the function of the company ́s CEO as spokesperson for the association of the German space SME, ESA and other institutions invite HPS as a trusted partner to programmatic consultations with strategic impact on space economics. Among the big players of the branche HPS assumes the role as voice for the medium sized sector of space.

At the High Level Forum, ESA 2016

„Competitiveness and Growth of the European Space Industry“
HPS-CEO Dr. Pfeiffer and heads of Europe ́s space industry and agencies.


CEO of HPS (left) invited by ESA Director General Mr. Wörner (right) to represent space SME industry´s view on the European Space Strategy (Photo © ESA)


CEO of HPS at the meeting on „ESA‘s Contribution to a European Strategy for Space“ in preparation for the ESA Council at Ministerial Level 2016 (Photo © ESA)